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Over 50% of UK Marketers are beginning to recognise the relevance of digital transformation…

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Over 50% of UK Marketers are starting to recognise the accelerated pace of digital transformation in comparison to their European counterparts. A new Study by Adobe, a global multimedia software provider surveyed over 450 Marketers revealing although digital transformation has been recognised as an opportunity, the pace and advancement is overwhelming for many UK Marketers. 74% of Marketers felt there is a real need to implement new technology within their marketing mix strategies but struggle with lack of investments to provide them with the necessary infrastructure in order to help meet these goals and objectives. Limited resources and budgetary constraints seem to be the biggest barriers for 40% of businesses along with lack of training for the remaining 24% In order to stay ahead of the game, business leaders need to invest more in training their marketing teams so that digital Marketers become adept in using technologies crucial to marketing activities already engaged now and in the future. 65% of Marketers find themselves in catch 22 scenario where business leaders’ pile on the pressure to be competitive in the digital age yet lack of training and resources make in impossible to achieve what seem to be farfetched goals. The Adobe study determined 20% of UK Marketers find themselves tech challenged meaning 1 in 5 Marketers are less tech savvy and rising. The consequences going forward outweigh the financial investments needed today in comparison to risks around market share in the future. Looking at advancements of digital transformation has also had a massive impact on Marketers and their approach in putting together a marketing mix when communicating a product or service. 47% of Marketers also told Adobe they’re not sure if their digital marketing is effective despite making their strategic decisions based on data intelligence. It’s no surprise that the marketing role is changing alongside the technology. Additional channels being introduced all the time along with the need to think outside the box is becoming more apparent for Marketers in the modern age. The general consensus from Marketers is that customer response management and e-commerce tactics should be the focus for every business offering a product or service. In publishing this research, Adobe also published some top tips for Digital Marketers as follows;

  1. Don’t let your fears and anxiety deny you your potential in the coming of digital age, knowledge is key.

  2. Look beyond your marketing horizons and learn from IT Tech savvy geeks to reach your marketing objectives.

  3. Think outside the box and differentiate yourself from your competition leading to game changing results.

  4. Focus on productivity and embrace technology that will enhance delivery of your business objectives.

To conclude, Digital Marketers need to embrace their fears and anxiety turning it into positive energy focusing on customer experience. Business leaders need to invest and better equip their marketing teams with the tools of the trade in order to remain competitive in the digital age.

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