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Specialist Marketing, Sales and Events Recruitment

Karen Gittins

Karen Gittins

Head of Marketing
0203 488 2024 | 07540 058 374

Karen's contribution as a Marketing and Media consultant over the past 10 years has played a significant role in the development and success of the division. Her expertise has helped the division expand and thrive during this period.

One notable achievement is the establishment of a strong network of marketing and sales contacts on LinkedIn, which now boasts over 4,000 members. This network has likely proven invaluable in staying updated with new trends and technology in the industry. By actively engaging with her network, Karen has likely facilitated knowledge sharing and fostered valuable connections for the benefit of both Amdas and the businesses it partners with.

Karen's expertise extends beyond networking and industry knowledge. Her skills in recruiting talent, whether at the senior level or among graduates entering the sector, have been instrumental. By leveraging her understanding of the industry, Karen has likely been able to identify the right candidates for various roles, thereby contributing to the success of Amdas and its partner businesses.

Overall, Karen's 10-year tenure as a Marketing and Media consultant has proven to be an invaluable asset to both Amdas and the businesses they work with. Her expertise, network, and recruitment capabilities have undoubtedly played a crucial role in the division's growth and accomplishments.

Roles We Recruit

  • Marketing Director

  • Head of Communications

  • PR Manager

  • Digital Marketing Manager/Executive

  • Content Marketing

  • Manager/Executive

  • Social Media Manager/Executive

  • SEO/PPC Specialist

  • Exhibition Manager

  • Exhibition Marketing Manager

  • Conference Producer

  • Event Director

  • Events Manager/Executive/Co-ordinator

  • Head of Sales

  • Sponsorship Manager/Executive

  • Delegate Sales

Industry Articles

I want to extend a special thanks to Karen for sourcing my details and giving me the opportunity to be interviewed at the company.

Hand on heart – everyone has been so gracious, humble and welcoming. I am learning a lot, progressing and gaining exciting responsibilities.

The office space is great too – its modern and trendy.

Again, thank you for getting my CV in front of your client. My mission now is to learn more and to exceed expectations.

Judith – Media Journalist

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