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Final Stage - Don't Panic

Updated: May 15

So you've made it to the final stage interview, only to find out there's another contender in the mix. Instead of panicking, approach the situation strategically:

1. Emphasize Your Strengths: Reflect on your previous interviews and reiterate the strengths you've already highlighted effectively. Remind the interviewers of these strengths and how they align with the organization's needs. If you've spoken with others during the process, mention their positive feedback to reinforce your points.

2. Clarify Previous Weak Points: Recall any areas where you may not have performed as well and reframe them in a clearer, more direct manner. Avoid drawing attention to past shortcomings; instead, succinctly restate your points to leave a stronger impression.

3. Acknowledge Competition and Influence Criteria: Recognize that the organization has choices to make, including the selection of candidates. Suggest criteria that could tip the scales in your favour subtly. By indirectly advocating for your strengths, you position yourself as the ideal choice without sounding overly self-promotional.

Remember, while these strategies won't guarantee success, they enhance your presentation and demonstrate your suitability for the role. Understanding that this interview isn't merely a formality but an opportunity to reinforce your candidacy, approach it with confidence tempered with humility. Keep pushing forward; the job isn't yours just yet, but with the right approach, it could be soon.

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