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Karen Gittins

Karen Gittins

Head of Marketing
0203 488 2024 | 07540 058 374

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Karen has been a key figure in the success and growth of Amdas Recruitment Services over the past 10 years. With her extensive experience and network built over 30 years, she has played a crucial role in expanding the division and nurturing her specialist areas of conferencing and events recruitment.


Karen's expertise as a marketing and media consultant has been invaluable to both Amdas and the businesses they partner with. She has been instrumental in growing their database and has successfully recruited candidates at both senior and entry levels, catering to the specific needs of each client.


Throughout her 30-year career in the recruitment industry, Karen has gained valuable insights and knowledge. Her time at Albany, where she specialized in conference recruitment, was particularly influential, shaping her understanding of the industry and allowing her to thrive as the only conference specialist recruiter.


With her passion for what she does, Karen has not only retained most of her clients over the years but has also expanded into marketing recruitment. She is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to both candidates and clients, ensuring their satisfaction.

Recruiting Experience:
A testimonial from a satisfied client highlights Karen's excellence in her field, showcasing her track record of handling Informa's recruitment for event marketers in the UK over the past 20 years. This testimonial speaks volumes about the impact she has had and the return on investment that can be achieved by engaging a recruitment consultant like Karen.

Specialist Industry Sectors:

Marketing, Communications, Sales, and Events

The future of recruitment:

The modern recruiting landscape has been transformed by technology and AI, which have significantly impacted the way recruiters find, engage, and evaluate candidates. 

By leveraging technology and AI, recruiters can also incorporate diversity and inclusion practices into their processes. AI algorithms can be trained to mitigate unconscious biases and ensure fair evaluation of candidates, leading to more diverse and inclusive hiring decisions.

Overall, the modern recruiter needs to be a specialist in their industry sector, armed with the knowledge of the client's industry, and equipped with the latest recruiting technologies and AI tools. This combination allows recruiters to act as strategic partners to their clients, effectively supporting their talent acquisition efforts and promoting an ethical and responsible employer brand.

Fun Fact:

Karen once worked with Jeremy Beadle on the TV program ‘Beadles About’ to set up a temp to think he had inadvertently let a Vicar steal a car from a sales showroom.

I highly recommend Karen Gittins for all your recruiting solutions. I’m grateful to Karen for searching so diligently over many months for our reporter vacancies and proposing so many excellent candidates. I’m delighted with the hires we have made thanks to Karen’s services.

James Beech

Editor In Chief, IR Media

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