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Numbers speak louder than words

As a recruiter specialising in sales positions, I have observed a concerning trend among CVs, where many candidates fail to include their sales achievements. Recognising the significance of highlighting these accomplishments, I want to emphasize the reasons why I believe it is crucial for sales professionals to incorporate their sales achievements into their CVs.

1. Demonstrating Results: By showcasing specific achievements and revenue generated, candidates can provide concrete evidence of their sales capabilities. It helps potential employers gauge their track record and assess their potential to drive results.

2. Setting Themselves Apart: Including achievements and revenue figures sets candidates apart from other applicants who may only list job responsibilities. It shows that they not only fulfilled their duties but also excelled in their roles by achieving measurable outcomes.

3. Quantifying Success: Numbers speak louder than words. Revenue figures and measurable achievements provide a quantifiable representation of a candidate's success. This allows employers to assess the candidate's ability to meet targets, exceed expectations, and contribute to the organization's bottom line.

4. Demonstrating Skills and Abilities: Listing achievements and revenue figures highlight the candidate's specific skills and abilities relevant to sales. It showcases their ability to build relationships, close deals, negotiate contracts, and drive revenue growth. This information gives employers a clear understanding of their strengths and capabilities.

5. Building Trust and Credibility: Including achievements and revenue figures in a CV enhances the candidate's credibility. It shows that they have a proven track record of achieving sales targets and delivering tangible results. This can help employers trust the candidate's claims and increases their chances of being considered for the role.

6. Generating Interest and Curiosity: When recruiters or hiring managers see impressive revenue figures or notable achievements, it piques their interest and curiosity. They are more likely to want to learn more about the candidate and invite them for an interview, giving the candidate an opportunity to further showcase their skills and accomplishments.

Overall, incorporating achievements and revenue figures in a sales candidate's CV provides concrete evidence of their capabilities, sets them apart from the competition, and increases their chances of securing interviews and job offers.

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