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The Events Industry in 2021

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

For those who graduated from university this year and are on the lookout for a new and thrilling industry to be a part of, events could be for you. Having suffered from numerous shutdowns over the past 18 months, we are now more hopeful than ever that the events industry is back up and running and here to stay.

But where in the UK are you most likely to find the best career opportunities in the Events industry? There has been a staggering 355% increase in Google searches for the term “event jobs near me” in the last six months and according to a recent study, Bath had the highest percentage of events related jobs at 13%, with London running a close second at 12%.

Why is London Such a Hot Spot for Events Careers?

The most obvious reason is that it is the Capital City of the UK, but that does not necessarily translate into events and venues. When you look at the broad spectrum of events that fall into this sector, there are many such as festivals, weddings and conferences that are often located outside of the Capital. One of the primary reasons that London is still a hotspot for events jobs is that many of the organisations responsible for running events are based in London, such as worldwide organisations like Informa, International Bar Association, Kisaco Research, Global Financial Media, Hanson Wade and IR Media Group.

What about Salaries for this sector?

London still holds the highest salaries for the events industry with the average salary coming in at over £43,000, compared to £30,127 in Bath, £34,000 in Edinburgh and £33,188 in Leeds.

How do I get started in a career in events?

We work with several worldwide organisations that are always looking for enthusiastic graduates to join their teams. In fact, the Events sector is a great place for any graduate to start out on a career path that could see them eventually travel the world in a high up production position. If you would like to find out more about graduate opportunities in the events sector, then you need to get in touch with Karen Gittins at or take a look at our jobs board for all the latest vacancies

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