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Resignation: How Honest Should You Be?

Updated: May 21

Deciding whether to share the real reason for leaving with your employer depends on various factors, and it's essential to carefully consider the potential consequences. Here are some points to consider:

Professionalism: Maintaining a level of professionalism is crucial when leaving a job. It's generally recommended to provide a positive and constructive reason for leaving, even if there are underlying issues. This helps maintain a good relationship and avoids burning bridges.

Impact on the Team: If the reason for leaving directly affects the well-being or treatment of your team members, it might be worth considering discussing the issues with your employer. However, be mindful of how you communicate this information to avoid unnecessary tension or conflict among colleagues.

Confidentiality: Consider the confidentiality of the issues you're aware of. If the problems are sensitive or confidential, sharing them without permission may violate professional standards and trust.

Constructive Feedback: If you decide to share concerns with your employer, constructively frame your feedback. Focus on providing feedback that can lead to positive change rather than just expressing grievances.

Future Job Prospects: Keep in mind that future employers may contact your current or past employers for references. If your departure is associated with negative feedback, it could potentially impact your future job prospects.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: Some situations might involve legal or ethical considerations. If legal violations or ethical breaches are occurring within the company, it may be necessary to report these to the appropriate authorities.

Before making a decision, it might be helpful to seek advice from mentors, colleagues, or HR professionals. They can provide insights based on the specific circumstances and help you navigate the situation in a way that aligns with professional norms and standards.

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