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Mistakes you can make on LinkedIn that can negatively impact your job hunting efforts.

  • Incomplete Profile: A partially filled profile can appear unprofessional. Ensure your profile is complete, including a professional photo, headline, summary, work experience, skills, and endorsements.

  • Unprofessional Photo: Your profile picture is the first impression recruiters get. Avoid casual or unprofessional photos; use a high-quality, professional headshot.

  • Poorly Written Summary and Headline: Your headline and summary should convey your professional identity and goals. Avoid vague, jargon-heavy, or overly casual language.

  • Inconsistent Information: Ensure that the information on your LinkedIn profile matches your resume. Discrepancies can raise red flags for recruiters.

  • Lack of Keywords: Recruiters use keywords to find candidates. Make sure your profile contains relevant keywords related to your industry and job role.

  • Neglecting Network Building: Failing to connect with people in your industry can limit your visibility. Actively build and maintain your professional network.

  • Infrequent Activity: Being inactive on LinkedIn can make you less visible. Regularly engage with content, share updates, and participate in discussions.

  • Spamming Connections: Sending generic connection requests or spamming your network with self-promotional messages can be off-putting. Personalize connection requests and be considerate in your interactions.

  • Unprofessional Posts and Comments: Avoid posting or commenting in ways that could be seen as unprofessional. This includes overly personal content, controversial opinions, or negative remarks about current or former employers.

  • Not Showcasing Skills and Endorsements: Skills and endorsements are crucial for demonstrating your capabilities. Ensure you list relevant skills and seek endorsements from colleagues and connections.

  • Ignoring Recommendations: Recommendations from colleagues and supervisors add credibility to your profile. Request recommendations and offer them to others as well.

  • Overlooking Privacy Settings: Be mindful of your privacy settings, especially when you're job hunting while employed. You can control who sees your updates and activity.

  • Generic Messaging: When reaching out to recruiters or potential employers, avoid using generic messages. Tailor your messages to the recipient and their organisation.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can create a strong LinkedIn presence that enhances your job-hunting efforts and attracts potential employers.

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