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Can You Afford To Leave This Untapped Talent On The Bench?

It is widely documented that the UK economy is grappling with a shortage of skilled workers, which can be attributed to two primary factors: the impact of Brexit and the trend of employees opting for early retirement in the wake of the pandemic.

Despite prevailing economic challenges and uncertainties on a global scale, hiring activity is currently subdued. Nonetheless, businesses are facing significant difficulties in identifying suitably qualified and proficient personnel. This scarcity of talent poses a potential hindrance to companies, particularly considering the projected economic growth.

In search of solutions, one substantial talent pool that remains largely untapped consists of readily available, highly skilled, and well-qualified workers. The UK boasts a commendable track record in educating young individuals who subsequently become eligible to work in the country through the graduate visa scheme.

This scheme offers a two-year (or three-year for postgraduate PhD) working visa, allowing employers to hire these individuals without constraints or special requirements. No sponsorship license or exceptional considerations are necessary for companies to extend job offers to individuals fresh from academia. Many of these candidates may possess practical experience from internships, placements, or previous professional engagements.

Graduates from international backgrounds cover a wide array of fields including finance, accounting, marketing, and HR—fields that are prominently listed as facing skill shortages. These graduates are highly motivated, driven, and eager to apply their up-to-date skills, especially in digital domains.

Upon completion of the initial two-year period, these individuals can apply for a Skilled Worker visa. Companies interested in retaining these skilled employees would need to acquire a sponsorship license. The overall cost of obtaining this license is less than the expense of recruiting through agencies. The conversion to this process offers a positive return on investment, given the tried and tested nature of these candidates. In most cases, these workers may cover or significantly contribute to any associated employer expenses, simplifying the process further.

Amdas has fostered connections with various universities and represents a group of motivated and enthusiastic potential candidates possessing the requisite skills your company requires. For more detailed information, feel free to reach out to us. Initiating a conversation incurs no obligation, and you might find the results to be pleasantly surprising.

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