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7 factors to consider if it’s time for a new job

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The Independent recently reported that one in four (47%) of UK employees will be looking for new opportunities as a direct result of poor management styles. Compared to 2017, where one in three were looking to move, this is an improvement. However, staff retention is still high on the agenda for many Employers.

Stagnant wages have been another key driver amongst the UK workforce. Longer working hours, increased expectations from Employers, lack of training and development have all added to the widening skills gap amongst the UK workforce. Further research also suggests employee disengagement costs the UK £340bn every year.

High inflation, bad management, lack of training and investment have all contributed to UK workers feeling demotivated and undervalued in the workplace. Hay Group, a global management consultancy specializing in transforming Organisations believe workforce motivation crisis cuts British productivity by half. Findings also suggested only 38% of UK employees love their job, 24% admitted to coasting in their current role and 8% were completely demotivated. Results also concluded 45% of UK employees would be more productive if they were doing a job they loved and 28% to be more productive with better training.

7 factors to consider when evaluating and understanding your next move

1. Is your current workplace making you physically ill and causing you emotional distress?

2. Do you find yourself complacent about your role, your co-workers or your employer?

3. Can you afford to jump ship and quit your job?

4. Do you feel threatened or insecure in your current role?

5. Do you feel there is no opportunity to advance your career in your current role?

6. Does your job interfere with your family life?

7. Have you started recognizing opportunities available to you beyond your immediate role and employer?

If your answer to questions 1 – 4 is “yes”, it’s time to evaluate your options, recognize your worth, understand your skill sets together with the contribution you make in your current role.  Chances are you may be lacking training, internal support and feel demotivated leading to reduced productivity.

If your answer to questions 5 – 7 is “yes”, its time to look for a step-up opportunity as you already recognize that you are limited in scope. Although you are trusted with additional delegated responsibilities, the lack of promotional prospects has demotivated you.

The fact that you are burdened with additional responsibilities to increase your status within your role is interfering with your family/home life. This will create a disparity between work-life balance. Long hours you’re putting in to meet deadlines could lead to demotivation, reduced productivity, resentment, and sickness in time.

If you are looking for progressive opportunities or have decided it is time to move on… get in touch.  Talk through your options, evaluate your skill sets, understand your market worth and get a second opinion on your CV.

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