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Job hunting advice in 2021

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

The landscape today looks a lot different for us all, in particular the job market which has been turned on its head by the Pandemic. We are now in what is classed as a Candidate Driven Market.

So, what does that mean for you, The Candidate?

Theoretically, it should mean an abundance of jobs to choose from, and whilst this might be the case in certain sectors, it is not as straightforward as that.

Clients are still insisting on relevant or demonstrable experience, which can be frustrating for both recruiter and candidate as a lot of skills are very transferable. A prime example is marketing or sales roles. Many clients will want candidates with industry experience and are generally not willing to budge on this sticking point, despite our efforts to convince them otherwise.

What can you do to stand out in this market?

Keep your CV up to date, use a clear font, and check for spelling and grammar! Microsoft word now has two functions that can help you with this. One is Editor which can be found on the ‘Home’ toolbar on the righthand side, and the other is ‘Read Aloud’ which can be found on the Review tool bar on the left-hand side. Ensure that the salary on your profile is up to date and reflective of your current expectation.

A personal statement is good if it is targeted to the role you are applying for, and if you are applying directly to a company, do not be afraid to write a short cover letter to support your application.

Keep a record of what roles you have applied for. Often clients will advertise vacancies directly and use several recruitment agencies.  It is not ideal for your CV to land on a hiring manager’s desk from several different sources.  Work with one agency and confirm that in writing with that agency so there can be no representation issues.

What is the recruiter’s role in your journey?

Our role is to match you to the right role and company. How do we do this? We need to get to know you, talk through your experience in detail and what your motivations are, and what you expect from your next role. The first stage is a telephone call, normally followed by a video call.

Amdas Recruitment has a range of specialist consultants with in-depth knowledge of our individual market sectors. This means that we are in the best position to advise you on the industry, the client, and general market conditions.

We are here to support you on your journey and have a genuine interest to find you the right company to continue your career with, or even if you are just starting out. Our role is to offer you advice, give you support and guide you when needed.

We make every effort to keep in touch with all of our candidates, but at times like these when the market is very busy, we can fall a little bit short in this area. But we are always happy to hear from candidates and make it known that we are never too busy to take a call or answer an email when you need to talk to us. In fact, we love it when our candidates pester us! You can also keep up to date with available roles as well as hints, tips, and advice by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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