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Is Glassdoor Restricting Your Candidate Pool?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

As one of the fastest growing jobs sites, Glassdoor, holds millions of company reviews and salary reports, etc. It is no wonder then that Glassdoor has become a ‘go to’ website for candidates. Reading the views of employees and past candidates can be a terrific way for a current candidate to figure out whether they would fit with the company culture, enjoy the working environment and receive the rewards they want. As a recruiter, I speak to possible candidates daily and many candidates do form views on a company by reading Glassdoor’s anonymous reviews. Interestingly, candidates often cite negative reviews as a reason for withdrawing applications.

So how should we treat this site?

As an employer, it is imperative to keep an eye on these reviews. If you can, respond to negative reviews. Remember to also respond to positive; if an ex or current employee has taken the trouble then follow this up. This is an opportunity to showcase your brand and to show the human side of your company.


The feedback can help you uncover issues; a company that addresses these or is trying is far more attractive than one that just sweeps them under the carpet

Current Employees

Glassdoor also recommends that you invite current employees to share their views at different stages in their working life. Glassdoor recommend:


Glassdoor is not, in fact, a ‘community’ of friendly people transparently sharing their views. Glassdoor is a jobs board and recruitment platform. Furthermore, many of the reviews are posted anonymously. So, while there is no doubt that Glassdoor is a valuable resource to employers and candidates, it is worth thinking about just how reliable it is as a representative source.

Is Glassdoor stopping you from applying for a role?

Any disgruntled employee can add review anonymously. The question is: Would you trust anonymous reviews and salary surveys to make a career decision?

Why is the anonymity relevant?

The anonymous reviews and salary data on Glassdoor are unverified. While Glassdoor charges employers to post jobs ads, it then uses those jobs ads to ‘hook’ jobseekers. As Nick Corcodilos points out in his blog ‘Can I trust Glassdoor?’, Glassdoor offers jobseekers free access to job listings in exchange for posting anonymous reviews.

The benefits of using Glassdoor

As a recruiter, I think Nick Corcodilos is spot on. You can read his original post here: Personally, I very rarely visit Glassdoor unless I’m working a salary survey. If I receive more than one candidate sharing their concerns then I will raise this with my client. Other than that, I leave well alone. If you are a candidate then just use wisely, it is a good source for jobs but just remember to talk to your recruiter before you turn down a great opportunity based on an unknown source.

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