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Are You GDPR Ready?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

UK law sees new legislative changes being introduced in May 2018 centred in data protection and data governance introducing GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), an EU directive being introduced across the UK. New legislative framework will mean GDPR Inclusion an extension to the Data Protection Act 1998. The regulations to be enforced will look to protect infringement rights of individuals and their data held. Some key facts;

  1. All UK businesses holding Consumer, Vendor and Employer data have a legal obligation to implement safeguards protecting data held on ERP / CRM systems

  2. Informed Consent, Accountability and Governance need to be enforced and traceable through related documentation via organisational and technical measures. Data Privacy Impact Assessment Audits will become mandatory

  3. Non-compliance can result in penalties of up to 4% of global annual turnover. Historically penalties under DPA infringements were capped at 500K.

Amdas Consultancy are collaborating with GDPR experts to deliver compliance to businesses across the UK. Solutions offered include;

  1. A Gap Analysis to determine shortfalls in compliance and data governance

  2. Carry out a detailed survey via a series of questions to better understand the data impact and mitigate risks

  3. Put together a GDPR programme / schedule to successfully implement GDPR inclusion and achieve full compliance come May 2018 avoiding heavy penalties

Amdas can and is offering competitive solutions collaborating with GDPR experts to undertake gap analysis to understand shortfalls under GDPR and provide remedies initiating a GDPR programme to achieve full compliance mitigating associated risks resulting in penalties totalling 4% of global turnover. All data breaches must be reported within 72 hours to avoid prosecution.

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