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Accessing Alternative Talent Pools Boost Your Client Hiring Strategy

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

During the pandemic, we all wondered how a return to normality would be achieved and what the brave world would look like.  In the UK at least, our new norm seems to have been realised and many companies and clients have returned to the hiring market only to be frustrated by hiring plans falling short of target and employee quotas cannot be realised.  There are now many well-documented reasons why skilled labour shortages in the economy are continuing to hold companies back, but the question remains, what to do about it?

The average length a candidate stays in one role has, for the first time, dropped below 24 months, bringing post-study visas into sharp focus as a viable way to add flexible resources to an existing workforce.

Amdas has engaged with candidates at University Business Schools to access new talent pools for clients.  We have built relationships with respective employability functions and now have candidates with Masters and Post Grads in Business & Commerce (including Finance & Accountancy), HR and Marketing.  These candidates are motivated, well-educated and bring fresh ideas, but are often overlooked as sponsorship remains a taboo topic amongst employers. But these candidates have access to extended workplace visas that they normally fund themselves, giving them the opportunity to work in the UK for up to 24 months and if certain criteria are met, this can be extended beyond the initial visa period.

With a recession widely reported to be around the corner, it would seem sensible and providential to be considering these candidates as an alternative way forward.  They offer businesses a more flexible workforce in a time when there is still much uncertainty, and businesses do not have to bear the burden of permanent recruitment fees as Amdas offer a more flexible financing option for these candidates.

If you would like to find out more, please speak with your account manager or Dan Malkoun at Amdas Recruitment to discover how to mine this untapped pot of gold.

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