Our Team

Let our experienced team help you.

Client or a candidate, we can assure you that you will have one, consistent point of contact throughout your recruitment journey.

Each Amdas consultant is a hands on, 360 recruiter. Each recruiter operates in their own niche sector. As a team, we operate on the principle that clients prefer one Key Account Manager (KAM). We have structured the business to this effect. Our sector specialists can resource in their given discipline using their market expertise, but will work in conjunction with your KAM. Therefore, if you have requirements outside of your KAM’s discipline, they will consult with another sector specialist. They will then utilise their specific knowledge to resource the most suitable candidates.

In addition to our specialists, our team has the advantage of people joining through training programmes. These people have developed into niche specialists with the support of experienced consultants and the directors of Amdas who continue to manage the business and operate in their own recruitment specialisms.

Getting the most from our team

Amdas know that the key to managing a successful recruitment campaign lies in the initial brief. Our recruitment team will explore the initial brief with you. This is not just about job specification but a full overview of all influencing factors. These may include aspects such as company culture, long term prospects and location.
These are features which need to be established to facilitate a successful campaign. Here at Amdas, we endeavour to meet with our clients wherever possible to discuss these options, particularly new customers.  Be it as a match to one of our current vacancies or to be proactive on your behalf and represent you to clients and professions that fit your profile.

Candidates who register with us will benefit from our commitment to ascertaining their priorities and career ambitions. We cannot guarantee that we will always find them a job. However, we will do our utmost to assist them to secure the perfect role. We can assure you that you will receive honest advice, delivered by capable consultants whose skills have been honed through cyclical recruitment markets.