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Dan Malkoun MD

Dan Malkoun

Managing Director

0203 488 2022 | 07973 544 718

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Daniel founded Amdas Recruitment (2009) and is currently the MD.  He started his career as a finance and technical recruiter and now specialises in the data compliance and cybersecurity verticals as well. "Running a business for 15 years definitely helps in understanding the challenges business leaders/clients have and need resolving!"   Amdas is agile and we are able to tailor solutions to clients' requirements and not look to impose a one stop fit like the bigger recruitment companies.   This approach is key in determining ourselves a consultancy and not an agency.

Recruitment Certifications and Credentials:

30 years + GDPR, PRINCE2, Cyber Essentials, BCS and a degree in finance and accounting

Specialist Industry Sectors:

Finance, Project Management, GDPR, and Cyber Security

The future of recruitment:

The early days of recruitment were about faxing CVs.  Then we emailed CVs.  Now we engage clients and candidates through a myriad of technologies. We must also ensure we adhere to the ever-evolving employment and data legislation.  The technological advancements within our industry will determine the successful companies from those who don’t keep pace with the ever-increasing speed of change in our professional environment. But Recruitment has always been about the best fit of candidate to client and vice versa. Amdas believes clients and candidates want professional recruiters who understand and can advise about their verticals and not salespeople. We combine this approach with the technologies we use.

Fun Fact:

As an MD Dan says that he doesn’t have time for fun 😊.  However, he was once stopped and questioned by a policeman for walking down the road with a sofa on his head. He was allowed on his way by said policeman when he explained that he had bought it but wasn’t willing to wait 1 week for the delivery van when he only lives half a mile away.  He is proud of his Lebanese and English heritage and well-travelled. These influences have seen him develop a passion for wine and he spends his spare time learning all he can about it. He’s even pursuing a WSET qualification.

I have dealt with Amdas @ Dan for a number of years in my role as C.F.O. of more than on entity. In every case I have found him  acting to the highest professional standard. In particular , the shortlists have a limited number of strong candidates and there is strong post recruitment liaison.

Malcolm H


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