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Val Thompson

Val Thompson

Associate Consultant

0203 488 2022 | 07921 539 083

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Valerie, a Fellow member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, has amassed over two decades of hands-on recruitment experience. Throughout her career, she has achieved remarkable success in placing candidates within various roles such as Account Management, Customer Services, Team Leadership, Business Development, and Sales. With a track record of resourcing over 300 permanent staff and approximately 500 contractors, Valerie's expertise is widely recognized.


Valerie's success can be attributed to her genuine passion for comprehending her clients' needs and understanding their organizational culture. She goes above and beyond to ensure that candidates are well-informed and receive full support throughout the recruitment process. As a result, Valerie has garnered praise from both candidates and clients for her exceptional services.


One testimonial highlights Valerie's dedicated and reliable nature, describing her as a trustworthy recruitment partner who keeps up with the ever-changing landscape. Her meticulous vetting process ensures that the candidates she provides not only meet the role requirements but also seamlessly fit into the organization's culture and team dynamics, enabling immediate results.


Another testimonial showcases Valerie's impact on individuals' careers. By explaining job roles and requirements, she provides invaluable support to candidates within the energy industry. Even after job offers are made, Valerie ensures a smooth transition to the new company.


Furthermore, Valerie's ability to identify the right candidates for specific roles is highly regarded. As a Team Leader, the testimonial writer has utilized Valerie's services to recruit experienced customer service staff. Valerie's focus, dedication, and skill in selecting contracting staff who are a perfect fit for the team's dynamics and possess the required skill set have proven invaluable.


Since 2001, Valerie has maintained a close partnership with Amdas, particularly excelling in sales training. Her extensive experience in this field has been instrumental in coaching graduates seeking to enter the world of international conference sales.


Overall, Valerie's exceptional track record, commitment to understanding client's needs, and dedication to supporting candidates throughout the recruitment process have established her as a reliable and highly recommended recruitment partner.

The future of recruitment:

Since the workplace went virtual, traditional recruiting has changed with face-to-face interactions no longer an essential part of the recruitment process, however, Val has been remote working for 22 years and has mastered the ability to build long-term relationships remotely, understanding that effective communication, dedication and tailoring the service provided is still the key to success for both client and candidate. 

Fun Fact:

The first time Val went up in an aeroplane she didn’t land in it.....It was her first static line parachute jump at 3000 feet!, but she was so terrified she refused to jump so the instructor coerced her to just sit by the exit and then with ever such a gentle nudge with his size 10 boot she found herself unwillingly leaving the aeroplane, Val went on to do 2 more jumps for charity. 

I first met Val when looking to Join Shell Gas Direct in 2001, I could see immediately that Val's commitment to her clients was second to none. With Val's guidance and support I was fortunate enough to be given a position at SGD in April 2001. Moving into a management role in 2005, my interaction with Val increased significantly as I had a regular requirement for quality staff on a predominantly temporary basis. The caliber of candidates was of a very high standard.  Val has a very good 'feel' for the right person for a specific role. I can't recommend Val highly enough.

James Beech

Editor In Chief, IR Media

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