Luba Turner

Head Office Retail and HR

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Recruitment Account Manager, Head Office Retail and HR

Luba brings across over 4 years’ experience in contingency recruitment since graduating in International Relations & French from Westminster University back in 2013.

By discipline, Luba specialises within Head Office Retail & HR attracting skills not only in a core function capacity but also less visible niche skills.Her passion within HR has led her to also pursue her Level 5 CIPD since 2016 making her a subject matter expert working closely with HR Directors, Managers, Officers and Talent Partners.


1.If you could give  your 16 year old self advice (knowing what you know now) what would it be?

Stop eating, for those who don’t know me well – I was quite a chunky kid of 16 stone

2.What are three favourite foods?

Pesto, caviar and baklava

3.Out of all the countries you have lived in, which one would you like to retire in and why?

Canada, I see myself old and grumpy ice fishing on the lake in -40 and sipping on Fireball

4.If you could chose any job in the world, what would it be?

Since I was a child I wanted to be a diplomat, even though I didn’t know what it means. I regret not pursuing a career within air forces when I had a chance

5.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully, I shall be a big boss somewhere

6.What is the worst decision you have made?

Going for a swim in a canal in Venice


Susan Keely
Senior Merchandising Manager, Gate Retail On-board, Luton.

“I first came into contact with Luba when she called to introduce me to position last year after being made redundant.
Luba was professional in her approach and all the way through the interview stages but also has an honesty and warmness about her which I needed being nervous being back out job hunting after 24 years in one company.
I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Luba for assistance, or recommend her to friends, in the future.”


Lindsay Plunkett
Micro Space Planning Manager at World Duty Free

“I have worked with Luba over the past few months whilst looking for new opportunities.

Luba has a great manner about her, she has a calming influence during the interview process, which can be quite a stressful and anxious time, she always made sure I was kept updated with any progress and feedback.

You can tell Luba really does want to do the best for each company she works with and each candidate she represents – her passion for putting the right person in the right place comes across so strongly.

Luba understands the importance of building relationships by encouraging face to face meetings – it’s not always practical to meet in person however she thinks outside the box with Skype/Face Time sessions – it really does make a difference, Luba isn’t just a person on the end of a phone now, little things like this set her apart from others. She made time to get to know me as a person, which I believe makes her a fantastic recruiter as she matches the right people to not only the right role but to the right culture which will in turn ensure longevity within roles.

It’s been a pleasure working with Luba, I thoroughly recommend her as a recruiter.”