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Founding Director

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HR and Head Office Retail Recruiter

Alex has been in the industry for 20 years, 16 of those working with Mark and Dan.  He Initially worked in temporary recruitment for Finance but moved across to inaugurate an Office Support Services division as Manager.  He now additionally manages disciplines in human resources, head office retail and senior warehouse operations.

Questions for Alex as interviewed by Karen

1. How do you handle stress?

I do my best to break it down into achievable tasks and focus on the end goal completing tasks that are making or adding to the stress

2. What do you think makes a good manager?

Someone who listens/ communicates, someone who gets staff to think for themselves, someone with solutions when needed

3. If somebody offered you £50 million pounds on the basis that you could never exercise again would you take the money?

That is a tough one but I would have to turn the monies down

4. What really irritates you?

Bad customer service

5. When do you think you are happiest?

When I am spending time with the family…or cycling

6. Can you name a candidate that you have dealt with that really got under your skin?

I would never name names but when you provide a personalised service, of course, there will be some. Sometimes you really like a candidate and they let you down by forgetting to tell you that they cannot attend a confirmed interview.