Thames Marathon Fundraising for Plastic Oceans

On Sunday, August 5th, Luba will be swimming the 14K Henley Swim Thames Marathon. Initially, Luba signed up to take the challenge because she is a keen fitness enthusiast. She also loves to surf and swim and has been doing so from a young age.

A few times now, she has recounted stories from her childhood swimming sessions. Having grown up in Canada, she would swim even during the winter. As you might imagine, walking home through the snow after a swimming lesson often meant icicles forming in her hair and eyelashes!

However, none of this deterred her. The Thames Marathon sounds pretty easy in comparison.

Furthermore, Luba has decided that she would like to dedicate her swimming ability to raising money for a charitable cause. Since she loves swimming in Lakes and in the Ocean, what better cause than Plastic Oceans?

Clearing up our Oceans is something that Luba feels passionately about. While on a surfing Holiday, she noticed plastic food wrappers floating in the otherwise crystal waters and wondered what she could do. After a little research she discovered that every year, over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste is being dumped in our Oceans. More worryingly, this plastic is permeating beyond the waters and getting into animal and human food chains. And if there is one thing Luba loves more than swimming, it’s healthy food! So, she’s decided to take action.

In order to support the efforts of Plastic Oceans, Luba invites you to sponsor her marathon swim.

For more information on Plastic Oceans, do check out their video:


To sponsor Luba, please click here

To find out more about the Thames Marathon you can find more info on their website