Team YES 100K Trail Walker 2018

On New Years Eve 2016, Alex and his lovely wife Hen made a new years resolution. They resolved to say ‘Yes!’ to invitations, challenges, and events.

As a result of this resolution, both have achieved some amazing feats over the last couple of years. Now, the time for another challenge has come and both have teamed up with another couple and are training for the 100-kilometer charity trek to raise money for the Queens Ghurkas. (Joanna Lumley would be proud.)

The Goal

Their aim is to complete 100KM of the South Downes Way within 24 hours. Their goal is to raise in excess of £1000. They will donate the money raised to The Gurka’s Welfare Trust via Oxfam.

So far, the foursome has already raised £930 of their £1000 target.

The Team will arrive to register on Friday 13th of July so there is plenty of time to get behind them, follow their training progress on Facebook and donate if you wish.

You can find out more information about TrailWalker here or, to donate you can click here