Daniel’s Ben Nevis Challenge

On the 17th of June, Daniel Malkoun, our managing director, took part in The Ben Nevis Challenge. This involved cycling, mountain climbing and canoeing to raise money for a designated charity. Those of you who follow Amdas on Facebook or Twitter will have seen the one and only photograph taken during the expedition and realise that it was a tough 12 hours for Dan. However, if, like me, you have not previously heard about The Ben Nevis Challenge, then Dan has kindly answered some questions which should help to shed some light on his experience.

For those who do not know, what is the Ben Nevis challenge and how did you find out about it?

The Ben Nevis challenge is one of a few events organised by a charity called Dream Challenges.  I have completed a few events with Dream Challenges before.

Why did you sign up?

I enjoy the training to keep fit and the sense of achievement you derive for completing these things.   Most importantly though it’s for a good cause!

How long did you have to train for it?

3 months

How much money did you raise and to which charity did you donate the money?

We raised £5400 for DEBRA

Did you choose the charity?

No – it was preselected but a worthy one.

Would you recommend the Ben Nevis challenge?

The fitness level required should not be underestimated.  It is the UK highest mountain and very much felt like it at times.  The satisfaction of completing the climb, bike ride and canoeing is a great feeling though.

Would you do it again next year?

Time for a new challenge!

What tips would you give to somebody who wants to take part for the first time?

Train harder than you think you need to and take a spare pair of waterproofs.  Waterproofs are not always as good as they claim to be and Ben Nevis in the clouds.

Do you have any fashion/style tips or advice for the those wishing to take part in the BNC?

Don’t wear mascara.  I saw many a streaky face!  Umbrellas don’t work in 50 miles gusts so anything decent waterproof!

Have you always been a keep adventurer?

To stand still and not push yourself is to go backwards in my book.  I have always sought out new challenges whether geographic, professional or purely personal.

Have you been to Scotland before?

I have toured around Scotland on the whisky trail (would recommend you do not drive!), been to both coasts and the North East Highlands.  Shetlands and Orkneys are next on the list.

You must be incredibly fit to endure 12 hours of continuous and strenuous activity, what is your usual workout routine?

30 minutes a day in the gym.  I am not the fittest but I do exercise regularly so my base level fitness is I suppose higher than most.

Are you a keen sportsman?

Yes – I watch lots of it in the pub.

Were there any Loch Ness Monster sightings while you were canoeing?

I looked down and saw my own reflection which excited, scared and confused me for a bit. I did buy a little cuddly one as I was a tourist.

To close, I think it is worth sharing the response Dan gave when I asked how his challenge went.

As he said, a picture is worth a thousand words…