Graduate Corner

This is my first monthly post on all things recruitment, general musings of London working life and hopefully some hints and tips along the way to help you in your job hunt. This months’ is more of an introduction as to how I fell into recruitment.

Having only recently been through the process of finding a job myself after a gap year (or two…) post completing a law degree at Exeter (probably the best University in the world), I’ve just finished my first month working for Amdas – it has flown by and I am getting into the swing of resourcing for the marketing and events sector. Something even six weeks ago, I would have never imagined I’d be doing now.

I left to au pair in Madrid in July this year and had absolutely no idea about what the next step was going to be once the summer was over. I could feel the pull of ‘real life’ but I was trying to ignore it as jetting off to go travelling is always so appealing. Then two of my best friends who work in London messaged me saying “we’ve found a flat and we want you to fill the third room”. I was immediately excited, it felt like a decision was made for me. As much as I have loved travelling and working in different countries, I was so fed up with constantly missing people. The only problem was having no idea of what I actually wanted to do.

I started actively searching for career jobs for the first time since leaving University, trying to gauge what was out there that I felt I was suited to. Initially, I was looking at conference production as I felt my skillset reflected what the job required. A lack of ‘commercial experience’ was my downfall and despite Karen’s best efforts as my wonderful recruiter, after two unsuccessful interviews, I was back at square one.

Karen then came back to me and suggested that I look at the ‘marketing and events resourcer’ role at Amdas. It was a logical step for me to take; I get to interact with both candidates and clients and find the attributes and qualities that our clients are looking for in their prospective candidates. As one of my colleagues, Kelly, has mentioned, being a Jane Austin lover and particularly fond of ‘Emma’, it is hard to not think of the role of recruitment rather romantically – the idea matchmaking a person with a company is very satisfying.

Finding your first ‘career’ job post school or University is no doubt a challenge. It can feel pretty relentless at times, and obviously, no-one enjoys rejection. The constant battle between going for an entry-level job, yet not having the required experience is rather painful. I think ultimately what I have learned is there is nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to do. But being proactive and trying jobs out is key; if you don’t know what you’re looking for exactly, you’ll soon find out what you do not want to do! Try to keep your options open and listen to the advice of your friends and family, and your recruiter.

My first month has been very enjoyable and I have learned a lot about the recruitment process. I have been working a lot with graduates and had some really positive experiences and met some wonderful candidates. Although I have also been thrown by the poor quality of some CVs so expect some pointers on this in the near future!


P.S. A big thank you to my best friend @sarahgoble_ for the beautiful photo – check out her Instagram while she is traveling around India!