A phenomenon that many millennials are all too familiar with, but usually in the context of dating.

Ghosting is sudden; someone immediately ending all form of contact with you, and without any reason or justification why.

Within the recruitment sphere, it is something that we are, unfortunately, all too familiar with. Candidates can suddenly disappear off the face of the earth when hours or days earlier they were telling you how keen they were to be put forward for a particular role, keen to get an interview with one of our clients.

What is often sad about it, is that you’ve built up that rapport with your candidate, and you don’t expect them to suddenly not respond. But that’s the nature of ghosting, it’s unforeseen.

I don’t wish to sound like a bitter ex, but really it would just be far easier for everyone if you could let us know that you do not want to go ahead with the role – give us that closure. Please don’t leave us pining after you, chasing up with emails, texts and calls, it’s not a conducive use of time for anyone.

Ultimately, it’s a compliment – we think you’re a great candidate, that you’d be an excellent fit for our client, that’s why we have put you forward. If you don’t think the role is right for you, a simple ‘I’m no longer interested’ or ‘I feel my skill-set is better suited elsewhere’ would save everyone a lot of faff and time.

Here at amdas, we appreciate that it is really important to build rapport with our candidates, that you trust us to put you forward to suitable roles in great companies. That is why it is a shame when we are ‘ghosted’.

We are here to help, if you don’t like a particular job, that is obviously fine. By letting us know, we can keep an active eye out for you and let you know when we do have a more suitable role in for you. If you tell us exactly what it is you are looking for, we can do more to assist you. The more we get from you, the more we are on your case and closer to securing you your next venture.

We have some great graduate roles currently. An exciting operations co-ordinator job and some great sales roles. The idea of sales can be off-putting to some. But if you have excellent communication skills, you are money motivated and resilient – sales is an excellent entry-level choice. Full training is provided by our clients, and who knows, after 12 months, you could find yourself in their marketing department or even on the conference producing side. It is a great way to get into the events industry and develop a range of other skills.

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