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  • Christina Boon

Leveraging Talent Acquisition Specialists: The Case for In-House and External Recruitment Partners

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of organizational growth, Talent Acquisition stands as a critical cornerstone, yet it contends with a complex challenge - the high turnover rate of its professionals. In this article, we delve into the intricate reasons behind this trend while emphasizing the significance of embracing specialist recruiters, whether in-house or through external recruitment agencies. Join us as we unveil the hidden facets of this issue and explore the synergies that come from striking the right balance between Talent Acquisition specialists and external partners.

Understanding the High Turnover Challenge in Talent Acquisition:

Talent Acquisition, the engine driving organizational success, shoulders the vital responsibility of identifying and onboarding top-tier talent. Nevertheless, it grapples with an ongoing issue - a persistent high turnover rate among its practitioners. What factors contribute to this phenomenon, and how can companies harness the expertise of both in-house specialists and external recruitment partners to address these challenges?

1. Relentless Pressure:

High turnover in Talent Acquisition is, in part, fueled by the relentless pressure faced by its professionals. Many companies task in-house Talent Acquisition teams with aggressive hiring goals, tight deadlines, and the unyielding pursuit of top talent in a fiercely competitive job market. This unrelenting pressure often leads to stress and burnout, prompting skilled individuals to seek roles with more reasonable expectations.

2. Targets and Metrics:

Talent Acquisition roles are often tied to specific targets and metrics. In-house recruiters and sourcers are expected to fill a predetermined number of positions within a given timeframe. Unrealistic or persistently unmet targets can fuel frustration and erode job satisfaction, compelling professionals to seek positions with more reasonable expectations.

3. The Competitive Talent Market:

Ironically, the very talent that Talent Acquisition professionals strive to attract can also be their undoing. In a highly competitive job market, recruiters may find themselves enticed away by external recruitment agencies offering more attractive salaries or benefits. This ongoing poaching of talent acquisition specialists further exacerbates the issue of high turnover.

4. Undervaluation of the Function:

In certain organizations, Talent Acquisition is regarded primarily as a cost center rather than a strategic function. When the true value of Talent Acquisition goes unrecognized, professionals in this field may feel undervalued and overlooked. This lack of acknowledgment often leads to frustration and a desire to seek employment where their contributions are better appreciated.

5. The Case for Specialist Recruiters:

Amidst the challenges of high turnover, there exists a compelling argument for the retention and utilization of specialist recruiters, both in-house and external. These professionals bring a unique skill set to the table, including:

- In-depth industry knowledge and networks.

- Expertise in sourcing and engaging top talent.

- A focus on building long-lasting relationships with candidates.

- The ability to navigate niche markets and industries effectively.

By combining in-house specialists with external recruitment partners, companies can leverage the collective strengths of both, effectively addressing turnover challenges and tapping into a broader talent ecosystem.


High turnover in Talent Acquisition presents multifaceted challenges but should not lead to a binary decision between in-house specialists and external recruitment agencies. Instead, it's about striking a balance and harnessing the complementary strengths of both. By recognizing the value that these professionals and partners bring to the table, companies can create a dynamic approach that not only addresses turnover challenges but also enhances the organization's ability to attract and retain top talent for long-term success.

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