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Director’s Comment

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Having seen a slight improvement in the hiring market after the results of the general election, we now face a new uncertainty. This is due to the global pandemic and the imminent budget. The result of this is that many companies are putting hiring on hold. However, the underlying issue of candidate availability has not gone away and the fluctuations of client demand should be taken in the context of supply.

Both issues of coronavirus and the budget are short term. Companies pulling back from hiring is an ideal opportunity for those who look beyond the next few weeks to capitalise on candidate availability in the most competitive hiring market I have ever seen.  Bearing in mind I have worked in recruitment for 25 years!  My advice to clients is to continue with recruitment activity. Skype and Facetime mean that it is possible to interview remotely. Recruit and “make hay” so to speak. If a client waits until everyone restarts their recruitment campaigns they will be re-entering an exceptionally competitive hiring market at the same time as everyone else. This will simply exacerbate the issue of candidate availability.

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