Cyber Security Consultant




£80,000 to £100,000pa


The Security Consultant is responsible for the day-to-day operational effectiveness and efficiency ensuring the support of internal/customer operational needs and developing new and unique security solutions. This role ensures that the Cyber BU is fully operational, supported through documentation, and working with develops/product management for improvements based on customer and internal analyst feedback. The role is also responsible for identifying and protecting Corporate and its customers from new risks and threats. To be successful in this role the individual must maintain an advanced level of understanding of the technologies involved with networking, security, analysis, and support operations.
As a Security Consultant you will be responsible for consulting on integrated cyber security defence and leverage solutions to administer cyber security operational services including; intrusion prevention/detection, situational awareness, security events, data spillage, and incident response actions. Participate in testing, deploying, and administering the infrastructure hardware and software required to effectively manage the organization’s operational services, as needed. You will also be responsible for working across the company’s divisions to implement the cyber security strategy that ensures successful and measured outcome. The company SOC will be setup and structured to monitor and support the OS core, as well as our customer deployments.


Daniel Malkoun