Data Privacy and Cyber

Amdas is undertaking an exciting new project in expanding our services. It will soon be the case that, as well as your usual recruitment requirements, you can rely on us to support your cybersecurity recruitment. Watch this space and in the meantime…

Our Finance and Compliance specialists are now GDPR certified and can assist you with your GDPR project.

GDPR Services

GDPR Gap Analysis and Audit

  • Amdas’s certified specialists can arrange for one of our experts to come into your business and assess the level of compliance with regulation through a series of questionnaires and interviews using a points system to assess compliance.
  • They will then identify the areas to prioritise to ensure forward steps so that your organisation is fully compliant with GDPR.
  • Guide you, step by step, to roll out the GDPR project and see it through to completion

Labour resources to facilitate GDPR projects

Amdas can recruit the following roles for your GDPR project:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Administrators
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Virtual Data Protection Officers
  • Data Protection Processors


GDPR operational implementation

If you have already undertaken a Gap Analysis and Audit then well done! You are well on your way to compliance.

Why not let us help you build your GDPR team?

Helpful links:

EU GDPR.Org Page