Who we work with

Our clients are aware of our capability to resource temporary and contract staff. They do not hesitate to utilise our services to secure interim personnel for a range of needs.

From FTSE 100 to not for profit

Amdas consultants are dedicated to specific clients. The same consultant will provide for the temporary and permanent needs of the same client.

In our experience, clients like to have one point of contact. This is because it ensures that the key account manager has the most in depth knowledge of the client’s business. Therefore, candidates are thoroughly prepared and briefed.
This approach has proved popular with all of our clients who include FTSE 100 companies, SME and not for profit businesses.

A Consistent Approach

Our focus remains on matching candidates that fit the clients profile.

However, we do not to pigeon hole candidates to a solitary sector. We treat each of our candidates as individuals and we will take experience, skill set and cultural fit into consideration.

We feel strongly about the relationships we have with our clients. That is why we openly discuss candidates we recommend. We will not rule out a candidate simply because they do not fit a traditional stereotype. If a candidate has the prerequisite skills for the assignment in hand we will recommend them.