Professional Contractor or Temp Worker…

Our procedures remain the same whether you are a professional contractor or seeking temporary employment. We will find a role to suit your immediate personal requirements. Temp or perm you will be treated equally and we will work in partnership to secure the right position.

Amdas work with a wide sector of businesses. We support their interim needs in various employment disciplines. Our in-depth knowledge of our clients will ensure you are fully briefed prior to the assignment.

More than this, we will advise you on rates and we will answer your questions when it comes to the contract market. We facilitate payment through PAYE or Umbrella/Limited Company invoicing. Since we ensure full compliance for all of our candidates, we can also offer advice to you to ensure you are fully compliant. Where required, rates will be broken down. This means that you will be aware of your hourly rate, holiday payment, and national insurance contribution.