Permanent Employment

The first step of our procedure is a telephone interview. An Amdas consultant will contact you during office hours. You can expect your consultant to establish your immediate needs and to discuss your longer term aspirations.

Your skill set will then be assessed against the requirements of the available permanent roles. If you are successful at this stage, your consultant will be dedicated to working in your relevant sector and will also be your main point of contact.

Once it has been established that you are suited to a current position, we will arrange a face to face meeting. This meeting will complete the registration process and your consultant will brief you on the role and the client.

What if my skill set does not match the permanent vacancy?

Preregister via our email service. By preregistering, you allow us to seek work on your behalf. Your details will then appear against relevant roles as they come in. When a match is made, you will be contacted by your consultant to arrange a meeting. However, your details will remain private and confidential until you are selected for an interview. Furthermore, we will never waste your time by putting you forward for roles that you have not expressed an interest in. Travelling to and from interviews can be costly in terms of time and money. Therefore, we will only send you to an interview if it is for a role that is realistically suited to your preferences.

A major agency criticism is that people are dragged into meetings when there is no immediate relevance

The majority of our clients are long established

Our extensive knowledge of our clients’ business structures and cultural make up means we understand the briefs they set. Because of this understanding, we will brief you thoroughly to ensure you have the greatest chance of success.

Most notably, with our new clients, we strive to learn as much about them as we do our existing ones. Therefore, you can be certain that we have performed extensive research and investigation. This research is usually accompanied by a site visit. For this reason, you can be confident that the brief you receive will be comprehensive. That way, you can know what to expect.

It is not just case of client preparation

We appreciate that many permanent candidates have limited experience of the interview scenarios and sometimes lack confidence for this reason.

Our consultants are practiced in working with candidates who require this aspect of preparation. You can benefit from their experience because you will receive all the help you need in order to be successful. This help includes: CV formatting, preparing you for a clients’ specific interview style and methods and guidance through every step of the process. Remember, Amdas encourage communication. We will contact you before an interview so that you are prepared. Additionally, we will contact you after your interview to see how you got on.

On behalf of our clients, we undertake a due diligence process. It ensures the highest possible quality of service. This process includes a check on your passport or eligibility to work in the UK along with a referee request.