Reflections on 2020

I’ve never been compelled to write a blog that reflects on the year, but then, I have never lived through a year like 2020 and if I’m honest, I hope I never have to again. But this year has been notable, for so many reasons not least, Coronavirus, that I felt it was appropriate to reflect and share with you what I have learned.

And so, it began…

Starting 2020 was like any other year. Fresh from the Christmas break I was full of planning and ideas for both my business and my personal development. What some of you may have noticed was that the year, for Amdas, took on a different stance. Having started the business with other colleagues over ten years ago, I now found myself in the position of being both the MD and remaining existing founder of the business. Although Mark still works with Amdas and is very much still a ‘fixture and fitting’, I was now solely holding the reins. We have a great team at Amdas who are committed and dedicated and 2020 was all about steering them, and the business on the continued successful path we had trod in 2019.

Both January and February were exceptionally busy months as we aligned our values and ethos to build on our client partnerships and place exceptionally talented candidates into new positions where they would find true career fulfilment. We were off and running and 2020 felt like it was going to be an exceptional year.

Covid came calling…

And then reports of a virus sweeping through China started to trickle through and I read every news article while holding my breath; this didn’t look good. Anyone that has watched films like Contagion may recall thinking how bizarre it would be if a Hollywood thriller became reality? I was mindful that we had been through both the Sars and Ebola Virus outbreaks this century that had not had a significant effect on the globe and, optimistically, I hoped that this would pan out the same way.

Well, Dan, you got that completely wrong! March 23rd 2020 arrived and the whole of the UK was locked down and we were not allowed to leave our houses unless it was for essential purposes. As a business owner, I knew that I held other people’s livelihoods and futures in my hands. That was and is a big responsibility to bear alongside managing my personal concerns. Being a ‘boss’ had never been more important. This was not the time to make snap judgement calls about a future I could never predict. It was going to be about going along for the ride and always trying to think two steps ahead. I won’t bog you down with all the details, but I will tell you that it has been a bumpy ride. My incredible team have been creative, resilient, adaptable and flexible to the point where we feel that we can claim a small victory over Coronavirus and believe we have a positive future to look to in 2021.

It takes all sorts to make a world, but some try harder than others…

The thing I have noticed most this year are people; their attitudes and behaviours, their compassion and aggression. I often felt that as a country, indeed a world, we were bound and united in our fight against Coronavirus. People have shown true strength, most especially our front-line workers who bravely carried on their essential work to keep Britain moving. We took to our doorsteps to applaud the NHS, we made sure our vulnerable neighbours never went without food and company, we cheered on Sir Tom Moore as he completed the 100th lap of his garden and we respectfully gave each other distance. I talked to neighbours I had never had time to chat with and marvelled at the bird song I could now hear. It was almost idyllic at times.

But then there was what I refer to as the ugly side to Covid. They say that disaster brings out both the best and the worst in people and that has been crystal clear to me this year. I don’t know that this is a side that I want to dwell on here as I look back on 2020, but we have seen some behaviours from a small section of society that has been both upsetting and irresponsible. While these behaviours go on in everyday life, it is at a time like this year, during a major crisis, that these poor behaviours become highly apparent to everyone. When there are so many people being respectful, thoughtful and compassionate towards others it merely highlights the selfishness, thoughtlessness and lack of community spirit of some.

2021, here we come!

2021 is going to bring its own challenges. The fight against Coronavirus is far from over, but there is hope on the horizon. Vaccination programmes are starting to roll out over the UK, and it is hoped that by Spring, the more vulnerable members of society will be protected against the virus and we will start to see it subside.

We will also be a standalone country in 2021 – having departed the EU. Not everyone wanted to leave Europe, and we know that it is not going to be a smooth ride. But what we all need to remember is that we have always proved to be resilient no matter what life throws at us and I believe that every single one of us has that true British Bulldog spirit that sees us keeping calm and carrying on.

I am looking forward to 2021. I feel I owe it to all those souls that didn’t make it this far to make every minute, every day and every year from here-on in, count. Amdas survived 2020 and me and the team are going to put heaven and earth into making 2021 a better year for our clients and our candidates.

With respect, love and peace to all.

Amdas MD Dan Malkoun reflects on 2020

Amdas MD Dan Malkoun reflects on 2020